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Let me explain the website interface!

First of all there are three different cyclist icons
  • Black     already cycled and a lot of information available
  • Purple   planning this year and a lot of information available
  • Blue       nothing done with yet (only zoom in, zoom out and 3D)
Icons with a star are passes above 2000 meters.

I wanted to create a website without links so all the information is available wit a context menu on the cyclist icon's.

Use the right mouse button on the black and the purple cyclists to show following options:
  • Zoom in: Zooms ins
  • Toggle route: loads a route with pictures geotagged
  • Video: Our cycling video
  • Pictures: Our cycling pictures
  • Bikemap: Distance, climbing meters
  • Streetview: Opens the streetview if available (Beatenberg, Grosse Scheidegg, Petit St. Bernard
  • Motobike video: Show a motorbike driving this pass
  • Fly into: Shows the route in 3D (Latest version of google earth needed, or the google earth plugin)
  • 3D tour: Only external link in this website. Starts a 3D tour (Latest version of google earth needed, or the google earth plugin) Not working in FF due to problems with translation thing of google
  • Profile openes the climbbybike website with the profile of the pass
  • Zoom out: Zooms out and show you the passes nearby. Good for selecting a new pass.
Use the tooltip for a short explenation about the pass.

Have you been cycling the pass by yourself click on the pass (only black and green at the moment) and post your commends, your own videos or whatever you want.

Hint hit the F11 button to get the most out of this website"

Known issues
Frame is not loaded correctly in Chrome, please use the right mouse button to reload the frame as a workaround